First blog post should be about me!

Let’s begin!

I am Watsupdoc?

I am a 22yr old boy living in a city of millions where everyone suffers a crisis of identity like myself. I find mine, as the name suggests, in the fact that I was able to make it to a med school which in my country is Government sponsored. Biggest achievement yet! If you ask me how I did it, I honestly have no clue. Some days I believe I really bust by brain and made it here on hardworks and determination, on other days I give the credit to my impeccable brain and excellent looks (I wish!). But pondering through my superficial layer of snobbishness, I most definitely have come to believe that it was purely coincidental and luck that I made it in.

My second form of identification comes from my exorbitant and incomprehensible love for stories. I am enticed, attracted, lured it and devoured by them and they simply become a part of me. I won’t define myself as a reader, movie buff or an otaku, but simply a real lover of stories in any and all the ways they come in. To say that I eat, bath and survive for them would be an understatement.

With this uncommon fixation of mine, I have quietly developed a out of the way view towards the world and its inhabitants. Immensely amusing is the way people think, act and believe in their ways of life, which I have come to adore and be opinionated on. As ominous it sounds, this way of thinking and scrutinizing is a habit I’d like to cultivate and nurture.

With this I’d like to stop my first post, and hope that my fingers keep exploring the depths of my unconscious as well as the vastness of the world out there.

Thank you for reading as this is the most I have written about myself till date!


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