The most powerful characteristic in the human world, beauty, is also the most misinterpreted, misused and hated one. I think I don’t need to elaborate on how or why that is, but I’m going to say something beyond that thought. Please judge me on my thoughts as stick with me for a while…

What is beauty? A quality that a person is born with; makes them pleasant and attractive to look at; includes the correct shape of the bones, the placement on the muscles, lack of abnormal fats and and the texture of the skin; a quality that can evoke powerful to perverse responses in any human being by no fault of the beholder.

Only about 5% of the people in the world are beautiful, moderately beautiful. The term moderately implies there is another class of people who are deemed extremely beautiful which make up around 0.25% of the world’s population. It’s obviously not me who’s saying this, but a study. So, make no mistake, beauty is a quality is rarer than intelligence and being rich.

Unlike other qualities, like intelligence, strength or simply a keen sense of sound, beauty seems to be a very selfish one.

Why? Because is simply something which one uses for oneself. If I was born beautiful today, it works like, good for me! And that’s about it. I mean that’s how it usually works isn’t it? Hardly anyone sees beauty as a quality.

“Intelligence is a quality, beauty is a characteristic,” most would say.

I disagree. If you are born with something others do not posses, that’s a quality. And it’s upto you to know how to use that quality. I mean a basketball player uses his height, why can’t you?

The reason why beauty isn’t used like any other quality is simple. A quality like intelligence is a complex tool to get what we desire. It has to be used in a very particular way to attain what a person wishes; you need to prove yourself. On the other hand beauty is a quality that attracts. If you are born beautiful, you are approached by the world rather than having to chase after something. This includes people, opportunities or just bad luck. (Hey, beautiful people have their problems too alright!)

When the world comes running towards you, you don’t have to prove yourself.  In short beauty does your work for you. Most never emerge out from this state which, as a quality, makes beauty fail.

Used for oneself, power to influence or even control others and makes people drown in its own lure, I won’t say it’s a bad quality. I would say the people who wield it are weak.

If beauty has the power to bewitch, it has the power to inspire; if it has the power to seduce, it has the power to applaud; if it has the power to ruin, it has the power to last as well.

It all depends on how you use it really. Don’t let me tell you!

If the world wants to look at you willingly, why not show them something amazing. Let’s say the right way…


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