Commander Erwin Smith

One on the most inspiring scenes I ever read was animated today and it made me had the same reaction I got while reading it. And the reason why it inspired me is this character: Commander Erwin Smith.

The story revolves around a small group of characters coming together as a group as cadets. The characters in the story have their own dreams and things they are fighting for, one thing that is clearly lacking in the real world, and in the the fight for making their dreams a reality, they need to commit actions beyond human.

In a deciding scene the characters find that even one moment of hesitation means not just death of the people they love, but also loss of everything they worked for. They cannot hesitate when it’s time to kill the friends the evils guys were masquerading as.

Screenshot (11)

Screenshot (13)

In this particular scene the friends realizing who among them the enemy was, must kill the others to obtain something really crucial to them all.

But how does one kill their own friends? Even if they are the enemy? Even if they are trying to kill you to try and achieve their dreams?

A dream requires a lot more to fulfill than just hard work and determination. It requires pain to be felt and pain to be given to others; it requires sacrificing not just the things that you love but people as well, the ones you love; it requires doing not just the things that make you stronger, but also things that are sometimes needed to be done.

Things that no one can else can do, but are needed to be done. Beyond human.

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (14)

Dreams that need to be fulfilled require actions and those actions have costs repercussions; costs that need to be paid. “Who the hell would like doing this sort of thing?”, knowing all that was required to fulfill a dream…

If actions are the ones that come with these costs then no one should move at all. Let the world be stagnant and nothing moves at all? No. Things need to move, and actions need to be taken. Even if they mean death.

Screenshot (16)

Someone has to do it. Someone has to take the blame and do what needs to be done. Someone has to be the one to stain their hands in blood.

In those moments when it all seems to go to hell, when to achieve something means to something you can never come back from.

Screenshot (18).png

Commander Erwin Smith:

Screenshot (19).png

(“Give away your hearts!”) bad subs.

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (21).png


Screenshot (24).png

If you ever meant it to be your dream, Advance!


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