Who are you?

Most people in my life face a common problem. They don’t know what they want to do in life. As simple as a problem this seems it’s the most important one.

The idea came to me when I understood the concept of career guidance. What they do in these extremely costly sessions is that they analyse you as an individual and give you a list of things you could choose as a profession. This also translates to that most people don’t know who they are and therefore don’t know what they are supposed to be. If you’re at this point and understand this, you’re on the right track.

Why do you not know who you are? The problem started when you misunderstood a simple concept- Freedom. Freedom isn’t actually how you think it is. If one understands freedom, he understands that what he or she has are choices in life. To choose is freedom.

Now don’t assume just because you have freedom means that you could do a GTA and get away with it. You were free to choose, but the choice comes in with a payment. For example smoking is a choice, cancer is a payment. Similarly, what you do is a choice and what you get in return for it is the payment.

If you’re confused who you are, you’re at this stage. You being at this stage is just not your own achievement but the combined effort of your parents, society, your country being free and religion/ morals that made you choose wisely. It all makes sense, it fits!

But the one thing that lacks is Honesty. Remember those times when you didn’t like that something  but you did it for others; that time when you did something because it was required of you rather than you liking it; that time when you did something to be liked than because you liked it. Yes, all of those times when you weren’t thinking about yourself or you weren’t thinking about the things you like took you away from knowing who you are. You can say they were wrong choices or the same entities that were supposed to guide you (parents, society…) made a negative impact.

If you don’t know who you are, make no mistake, somewhere down the path something has gone horribly wrong. It all seems childish but it’s kind of true. A child instinctively does like a sport, some book, academics or something else. It’s like we’re programmed for a particular thing and can achieve a lot in that.

It’s a crude and simple thought but let’s take an example. Sachin Tendulkar was born with a talent for hand eye co-ordination and a liking towards cricket. He was free to choose to play cricket and he chose well. H was guided excellently by the people around him and made a great player.

But if we are programmed for greatness all of us, it takes away the fun from life right? The fun of exploring the unknown and experiencing life? Well it doesn’t. The reason being you have a choice and you are free. Free to not know who you are and not be great. Choices are amazing things aren’t they, considering all that can be achieved?

So, what happens if you don’t choose your programming or your destiny? Does the world not move forward? I have a hypothesis for this. I believe that you are not the only one with your own programming, but there are others. If Sachin did not choose cricket then someone else would have and the world would probably have been the same. If I do not write this article today someone else would be writing this somewhere else, taking away what I did here tonight for himself, and he would become me. What makes you who you are, is not just understanding who you are, but also making all those choice and living them. That’s who you are.

Awfully simple wasn’t it? Maybe I’m wrong…


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