Gaia: Understanding

There was no ground. There were only roots digging into more are more roots. The monotonous mixture of green moss and brown roots stretched all across my eye field, basking in the sunlight. The warmth that my skin felt was akin to the most comfortable feeling I had experienced in my life, and the air felt so moist with the most soothing fragrance that invaded my lungs. I felt that I had felt this feeling before, even though I was sure that I had never been here. This place… it loves me! And I can’t help but love it back.

As I took steps towards the only structure as far as my eyes could see, I did not experience the effort of walking. I could see my legs moving like they always used to but I could swear that I was levitating, moving only by thought. It was as if I was drunk but without drowsiness that alcohol brings over you. I was floating. Floating towards the giant stem that gave rise to all the roots in this place; that rose so high up in the sky that you couldn’t see the canopy or the branches or the leaves; that was was holding the shade that filters the absolute perfect amount of sunlight to give life. This was no ordinary tree, this is the tree. And this place… There’s no way. No human can or should exist in this place. This place is…


“You’re right! This is Gaia”, the man said standing at the base of the tree, “The world tree.”

It really was the fabled tree. I rubbed my teeth together to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. This wasn’t supposed to be possible. It shouldn’t be. To think that this would exist; the birthplace of all life; all existence?

“You know about this place don’t you?”, the man quipped with a expression of slight surprise.

I couldn’t believe my eyes myself as I looked upon the place,”I only know a little. The tree of knowledge of good and evil which bore the forbidden fruit. This is where life began and this is where it all assimilates. Its the soul of our planet. Mother earth…” I paused to grasp the gravity of it all, “This place is the Garden of Eden.”

The man laughed. The kind of laugh that belittles the one laughed upon but I did  not care. I was too stunned to react to his demeanour towards me. He stopped his laughing slowly, enjoying it, and then continued, “Your answer is too religious. But you’re not wrong. This is Gaia, the soul of all life.”

“The religious texts refer to this place as something created by god and that the man ate the forbidden fruit and fell from his place into wickedness, pain and suffering. Scientifically, this place is where all thought originates from and all experience comes to rest. This is the collective conscious; a collection of all information ever observed. This is the reason why humans are intelligent.”


“Wait a minute, what? I don’t get what you’re trying to say. You don’t make any sense”, I interjected wondering what he was talking about.

“There is one difference between man and beast. It is the man’s ability of thought. He wasn’t supposed to have this ability, but he acquired it. Therefore, according to the text he ate a forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Man acquired thought, intelligence and thereby increased his potential for greed, wickedness and power slowly consuming the world. Therefore, he fell from his place created by god. See the similarity?”



“When I say that this is the collective consciousness I mean that this tree is actually connected to all the beings that can think. This is where everything comes from, you ideas, your thoughts and when those thoughts become actions the collective march of time. Don’t you see this tree is God or a gateway to God, and we humans stole God’s powers.” his eyes gazed towards an infinite object when he spoke these words. He looked at me and ascertained if I understood, and then smiled.

“Good then you get it. Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have understood how you are going to die..”, the man smiled, this time his lips spread even wider…

To be continued.


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